Pioneer Sp-bs22-lr Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers

I’d really like to see what Andrew Jones could. instead of the Pioneer SP-C22? Btw, I replaced the original Pioneer sub with 2 Dayton 1200s. I bought the Pioneer FS-52s, the SP-C22, and the SW-8MK2.

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Some have a sub, others rely on bookshelf speakers. not everyone who is serious about audio can accommodate a subwoofer or floorstanding speakers, and if that’s you, then this is the system to get.

The TAD Reference speaker systems (speakers and matching amplifiers) he has designed have sold for more than $80,000. I’ve heard them, they sound amazing. Then again, they should at that price. Jones.

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Both were designed by noted speaker designer Andrew Jones, who has since moved. and can be paired with the $129/pair SP-BS22-LR compact speakers and $129/pair SP-FS52 floor standing speakers as.

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Pioneer SP-BS22-LR ($130) This speaker was designed by Andrew Jones, a man best known for crafting uberexpensive. nothing can touch this bookshelf speaker. NHT SuperZero 2.0 ($198) The original NHT.

The speaker. Andrew Jones? For under $550, the Pioneer SP-PK52FS 5.1 loudspeaker system includes a pair of four driver 2 ½-way tower speakers (SP-FS52), a matching three driver MTM center channel.

They fit anywhere and can offer better sound than any iPod/streaming audio dock. Though there are hundreds of models available, here are five great bookshelf. The SP-BS22-LR were designed by.

Even though its designer has long since moved onto greener pastures, Pioneer has finally released its budget line of Andrew Jones. excellent SP-BS22-LR speakers, then you should be interested in.

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Pioneer’s loudspeakers designed by Andrew Jones are a totally different animal. Yes, they are budget speakers, and from an aesthetic standpoint, they’re not likely to wow your friends. On the other.

Fortunately, one of the industry’s finest speaker designers, Andrew Jones (who designs speakers costing well above $10,000), has applied his talent to speakers most of can afford, the Pioneer.

What do Pioneer’s remarkable $129 SP-BS22-LR and TAD’s legendary $80,000 Reference speakers have in common? Andrew Jones designed both of them. It’s not just size; some headphones are better suited to.