Potassium Dichromate Is Used In Tanning Leather Decorating Porcelain And Waterproofing Fabrics

Other chrome colors are black, red, orange, and green. In the chrome process for tanning leather, a dichromate is used, and chromium hydroxide, a basic compound of chromium, hydrogen, and oxygen, is precipitated and held in the leather. The hydroxide is used also as a mordant in dyeing cloth.

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Potassium hydroxide (KOH) is hygroscopic (with a high affinity for water) and is sometimes used as a desiccant. Some shaving creams, cuticle removers and leather tanning solutions to remove hair from animal hides – employ potassium hydroxide.

A variety of chromic salts of organic acids are used for printing cotton in skeins and in the experimental tanning of leather. Hexacoordinated Complexes — The most characteristic feature of the solution chemistry of chromium is the pronounced tendency of chromium- (III) to form coordination compounds.

Used as the primary plasticizing clay in most claybodies, but in large quantities promotes high shrinkage. Source: Clay: A Studio Handbook. Ball Mill. A mechanically revolving vessel in which ceramic materials can be placed along with water and flint pebbles or high-fired porcelain slugs. Used.

It is also used in improving fastness of dyes on fabrics, in tanning and preserving hides, in mordanting and waterproofing fabrics, as a germicide and fungicide for vegetables and other plants, in destroying flies and other insects, in preserving and coagulating rubber latex and to prevent mildew and spelt in wheat and rot in oats.

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Legitimate uses: Oxidizer in the manufacture of organic chemicals; tanning leather, dyeing, painting, decorating porcelain, printing, photo lithography, pigment-prints, staining wood, pyrotechnics, and safety matches; for bleaching palm oil, wax and sponges; waterproofing fabrics; in electric batteries as depolarizer for dry cells.

Aluminium sulfate is mainly used in water treatment, dyeing, leather tanning and in the production of other aluminium compounds. Aluminum Sulfate (Alum) is a white crystalline product which is almost insoluble in anhydrous alcohol, but readily soluble in water.

This compound is used as a disinfectant, as an intermediate in classical synthesis of pseudopelleterine, as a tanning agent in leather, and in the sterilization of endoscopic instruments, dental and barber equipment, thermometers, rubber or plastic equipment which cannot be heat sterilized. Used also as embalming fluid, in electron microscopy.

Textile dyes are used to impart colour to fabrics and are incorporated during the treatment of the fabric along with other chemical additives such as finishing and combustion-retardant agents. The allergy to dyeing textile products is caused by any of the many different dyes that are available in products today.

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Porcelain electrical supplies Pottery products, nec Concrete block and brick. Fabrics, yarns, and knit goods Leather, leather goods, and furs Bags, baskets, and cases. Industrial leather products Leather tanning and finishing, nec Boot and shoe accessories Heel parts for shoes

Heat resistant glass, glass fibers, porcelain enamels, welding flux, copper brazing, flame retardant in cellulosic insulation, nickel electroplating baths, eye wash (aqueous solution only), fungicide on citrus fruits (8ppm boron residue limit per FDA) Disodium tetraborate, anhydrous Potassium chromate 7789-00-6 232-140-5 Potassium dichromate 7778-50-9

Tanning is an otherwise Due to lower labour costs and more intensely chemical process which lax environmental controls, the transforms decomposable dead ani- tanning industry has grown in coun- mal skins into leather, but not without tries such as China, India, Pakistan discharging serious pollution into and Bangladesh capturing 60% of the.

Chromates have been reported as causing cancer of the lung In tanning leather, dyeing, paint- ing, decorating porcelain, printing, photolithography, pigment prints, staining wood, pyrotechnics, safe- ty matches; for bleaching palm oil, wax, and sponges; in waterproofing fabrics; as an oxidizer in the manufacture of organic chemicals; in electric batteries; as a depo- larizer for dry cells.

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Identified Uses of Chemicals Subject to Authorization. ACC obtained a Spring 2002 list of CMRs (Class 1 and 2). Many of these substances are a product of petroleum refining and/or coal processing, which are likely to be excluded from the EU chemicals policy.

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